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Here at DroidSlotswe rarely get to see a mobile casino that dares to be different. Many that we encounter, though enjoyable, are casino gives money back similar in the way they operate. With Play Ojo casino, however, there's a twist which many players would find both surprising and worth sticking around for. That lies in its scheme of paying back money here players even if they have won or lost.

But is this truly unique or just a glorified cash-back bonus scheme? Find out in our full review! Where do we even start? The amount of http://softwaresavvysub.info/casino-online-con-bonus-senza-deposito-2014.php developers that have given Play Ojo license to use their games is impressive to say the least. What comes out of this casino gives money back click here huge selection on a variety bonus senza primo deposito slot titles, as well as Blackjack, Roulette and повторился real money roulette iphone хотела casino games.

It could be argued that the site focuses too much on slots and doesn't do enough to promote the other games casino gives money back has on the site it does have them! And while we'd say that's a fair point, we'd counter that Play Ojo knows what casino gives money back is and sells it well.

It's a very slot-orientated mobile casino and there's really not much else to it. We had to put these two in the same section because the line between promotion and bonuses get a little blurred when it comes to Play Ojo mobile casino. Aside from a 50 free spins first deposit bonus, only three to speak of: Let's talk about Ojo Plus because it's not only the most consistent bonus you could get but it's the site's unique selling point.

Players get a portion of whatever they wager back no matter how long they've been playing or whether they win or lose. This gives players a big advantage as they can slowly deposit small amounts of real cash into their account so they have money to fall back on. Casino gives money back other two, the Ojo Wheel and Club Ojo, are exactly what you expect. You spin the Ojo Wheel to get extra bonuses such as free spins!

Any offers that come through the club will be tailored to the player's casino gives money back and get far more perks and bonuses thanks to their loyalty to Play Ojo. The deposit and withdrawal system at Play Ojo is easy and any player, new or veteran, can use it with little difficulty. All options take up to five working days to process transactions. Of course, the best and most unique thing about Play Ojo is the Ojo Plus cashback scheme.

It works by giving players a small percentage usually casino gives money back 0. This is a clever scheme as it allows online gambling license to still have cash even if they lose at the slot and also encourages more disciplined gambling.

If you have money in the bank, then you won't feel so bad when you've lost. Overall, Play Ojo has a lot going for it. Lots of games, a great website design that doesn't feel impersonal, but most of all an excellent promotion setup that gives casino gives money back not only a reason to stay casino gives money back something other casinos don't necessarily offer.

It is just a cashback scheme but the set up of this cashback scheme is quite sophisticated and unlike any we have encountered here before.

Your email address will not be published. Review Sections Click to read whichever section tickles your fancy. Screenshots Back to Top. Videos Back to Top. Games Where do we even start? Conclusion Overall, Play Ojo has a lot going for it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Choose from Three Different Bonuses. MicrogamingNetEntNextGen. Medium difficulty no less than 50 times the bonus amount received has been wagered.

Casino gives money back

Guys I gambled two nights on when i was feeling low I put the bet on and later I realised i remember closing the account just in case of exactly what happened gambling. I went through my emails and years ago I asked for the acc to be closed forever Now I have emailed them explaining this and management is looking into it When i spoke to them through the online chat casino gives money back person got all the dates mixed up and didnt have a record of the last email when I asked for it to be closed forever she then panicked and said management needs to review my case Regardless you still wanted to gamble, nothing would have stopped you being the current mind frame to gamble.

You clicked the buttons to deposit money not the gambling site. Click here need to be responsible http://softwaresavvysub.info/online-roulette-south-africa.php your own actions otherwise your not fully aware of your addiction. Casino gives money back you get your money back that would be a miracle but according to them you paid for a service and you got it.

Yes maybe another company would have got it but not them. They have been inveatigating for a week. What is the point of a self exclusion? It's exactly to stop these kind of things surely!!? I really am recovering and havnt bet for a while. Why would it be a miracle? I will dispute the payment if they don't refund as they did not adhere to the rules. Casino gives money back shouldn't have been able to log onto their site.

Whilst I really do symathise with your loss, and I know how you're feeling, I did a similar thing about a year casino gives money back and gambled with a site I was self excluded from. I had a new PC and hadn't installed gamblock so I in a moment of weakness, I lapsed. I had a new address, bank card and email address so the system didn't pick slots for android money real up. Like you, casino gives money back a fit of age I thought it was their fault and tried to claim that they should refund the money.

I recieved a lengthy reply from their legal department, and the most relevant section stated that during the self exclusion:.

As much as it hurts, I didn't install the learn more here on my new computer - I gambled and it was entirley my fault.

If I had won they would have paid me out, so there is no reason why they should have to refund casino gives money back because I lost.

Tough as it is, ultimately the blame lies with you. If you feel this can happen again, intsall a gambling blocker on your PC. Slightly different as I used all the same username etc. I will take link to court as they should have blocked that username. Im surprised people don't agree with me.

They are a massive company and this was there admin error on the online chat there rep got all the dates wrong also then said she can't discuss anymore when I gave her the details. You can ask a bookmakers or gambling company to close your account, Or you can ask it to be self excluded.

Both are different options. Some sites will automatically open the account once the self exclusion time has reached, some ask you to call and wait 24 hours. Closure of the account means you can have play russian roulette money casino gives money back anytime at your request.

Also there isn't any regulation from gambling commission to say that a betting company have to keep you self excluded, it is done at the companies decision. Yes I asked for it to be closed 'forever'. Never gambled really more than quid on and off and then one night 6 weeks ago I lost my mind and blew 7k.

I still try and want to get back but I know it's nearly impossible so I'm starting to accept it and starting to find new things to do like writing a book as I was on the front page of newspapers one upon a time not for gambling lol. Yes you should get the money back, but make sure you address your addiction ASAP because you need to realise that you have a problem and you need help.

If they AGREED to close that particular account forever and you have managed to log on here and gamble under the same details, then I would say you have a very strong case. These companies are ruthless and will do everything to not pay you, though. You need evidence that they have agreed to it. It's all very well just sending an e-mail and leaving it there.

Finally, whilst points betfair cashback sounds harsh, it does seem new car without deposit you are looking for excuses a bit. Can you hand on heart say that you aren't going to gamble any of it? Hi i know its been awhile since this thread but did you ever get a refund? I also disagree with some of the comments 'you must be responsible' if we were then we would not be on continue reading sight, let's hope they do casino gives money back fall ill to terrible depression which is to my casino gives money back why most people gamble to excess, lets hope they never lose control of their lives to the point of destruction!

Skip to main content. Debt Mental health Relationships and family Social impacts Casino gives money back tool Why do people gamble? What can you do? Can I get my money back? Log in or register to post comments. Log in or register to post comments Flag this as abusive. You put in casino gives money back 16 digit card number, expiry and cv code. Not the gambling site. I recieved a lengthy reply from read article legal department, and the most relevant section stated that during the self exclusion: I think your still addicted and your just finding people to blame and try get the money back.

After losing all your money at the casino

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