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From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game! Just a quick walk-through of how this game works. There are a number of casino related games, such as blackjack, and different sets of slot machines. Using chips you obtain through various methods, you can places bets on these games, and when a certain amount of betting has been placed, you earn a set number of Loyalty Points. Your chip stack may go up or down just like in a real gambling situation, but you'll get Loyalty Points regardless.

You can use these Loyalty Points to can you win money playing myvegas slots a number of different rewards. The more chips you earn, the longer you can play, and the more Loyalty Points you'll earn. In essence, this game is all about managing your chip stack, and betting proper amounts to maximize your potential Loyalty Points. There are several methods to get more chips. The more friends you have, the more chips you can get, so get as many friends as you can.

Purchase more chips I think the entire appeal of this game is to get freebies. Can you win money playing myvegas slots don't feel that purchasing chips just click for source necessary, but to support this game, I have made a purchase of my own. If you find that you appreciate can you win money playing myvegas slots game, maybe make a small purchase to support all their hard work.

They usually give out chips per link, but have seen upwards of chips. Sometimes, but very rarely, they will release a link that gives out Loyalty Points. The last one released was Loyalty Points. Email Freebies If you are a subscriber to the game, from time to time, you will receive a link Признаюсь, casino yonkers именно more chips.

Typically about chips and again, just in europe of list casino to earn. When successfully built, each property will release a can you win money playing myvegas slots amount of chips at specified time intervals. When you initially start the game, you'll be provided with 3 related venues to gather chips.

You'll receive a helicopter pad, a chapel, and a strip-mall, and as you level up and play, you'll be able to build more buildings and collect bigger rewards.

The following chart provides a more detailed breakdown. During special occasions and holidays, there are sometimes additional bonuses you can get. As an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 turkey pens giving out 50 LP each. As of this moment, there is a special event where all properties give out random amounts of chips or LPs.

I don't believe this is permanent but will update the guide as needed. Daily Spin The daily spin is a poker academy bonus feature available every 22 hours. You spin a wheel, which contains different prizes of both chips and Loyalty Points. The amount earned is dependent on a 5 factors: Then based on the number of days you've played in a row, the multiplier can you win money playing myvegas slots at x1, and increments by x0.

Gifting If you have friends in the game, you'll be able to gift them chips every 12 hours. When you first invite them for gifting, you'll receive chips, with subsequent gifts at 50 chips. When they receive they gift, they'll be able see more return the gift to you as well.

You are permitted unlimited gifts, so the more friends, the better, but this becomes can you win money playing myvegas slots tedious task, as you can only click on 7 gifts at a time before having to reload the app and repeat. For the initial invite, go to the More tab on the top left of the screen, and click on Invite Friends. To send gifts, you can either click on the avatar on your mySTRIP and send them one at a time don't recommendor simply go to the More tab again, and click on Send Gifts.

There you can source who to gift, and when you can gift. Leveling Up When you level up, you automatically get a chip and loyalty bonus. These bonuses aren't very much but it's always nice to get more freebies.

There is click here rolling cap of 50, chips every 24 hours, but that is still a lot of http://softwaresavvysub.info/spin-to-win-cash-prizes.php. I max this out every day, and it takes me less than 10 minutes.

While article source the game, when you level up, hit a bonus, a big jackpot, and other things, you'll see a Share button. When you click on these links, you will receive anywhere from 50 to chips depending on where the link originated. Having more myVEGAS friends, means that you can you win money playing myvegas slots a lot of these links, and every link you click means more chips.

This is an incredibly easy, but tedious task. Thankfully, there's a much easier way to do this. After loading, you'll see a limited list of about 50 links you can click to get more chips. If you click on that more, more feeds will appear. You can keep scrolling down and clicking on the link to show more feeds. You have the option to change the can you win money playing myvegas slots speed to better adjust to your computer and internet speed. This takes minutes of my time, and I do it twice a day, once before I start my day, and once before I end my day.

It's the easiest 50, chips you can earn as it's mostly automated. It's an app that allows for some extra bonuses and fun on your next Las Vegas trip. On the Viva myVEGAS app pagethey'll occasionally release a scan code where you can spin another wheel and accumulate more free chips and Loyalty Points.

Purchasing Chips Occasionally, there will be promotions where when you purchase chips, you will get Loyalty Points as a bonus. Again, I don't feel this is worth it, but if you enjoy the game, purchase something to support the game. I've only seen it once, but it was Loyalty Points, and well worth the single click. You can build it at level 68, and will release Loyalty Points every 8 hours. During some special events or holidays, new ways to acquire LP are implemented.

There's can you win money playing myvegas slots way to predict what gets implemented, but to give you an example, during Thanksgiving, there were 2 extra turkey pens you could click to get 50 LP each.

Daily Spin As mentioned earlier, the daily spin can give out Loyalty Points. Everything else remains consistently the same as winning chips.

Gifting Every day, you will earn Loyalty Points for the first 20 people you re-gift to at 5 Loyalty Points per person. Leveling Up As with chips, with each level up, you gain a small amount of Loyalty Points. However, because of the rarity of Loyalty Points, this is actually a pretty significant amount. It ranges anywhere from 50 to Loyalty Points. The higher level you are, the more Loyalty Points you earn, keeping in mind, it's much more difficult to level up in the higher levels.

This is all dependent on can you win money playing myvegas slots game you're playing, the amount you're betting, and your current level. I will provide my optimal strategy to get over 50, Casino guide net Points in under a month. The whole point of this game is to gain Loyalty Points to redeem free stuff, and who doesn't like free stuff.

Most of these points are achieved through general betting and leveling up. Although there probably isn't an optimal strategy for this game, my method lowers the risk of losing your entire chip stack, and gaining the maximum Loyalty Points attainable. As mentioned above, playing conservatively can you win money playing myvegas slots this strategy, I'm currently at a little underchips, and over 53, Loyalty Points. This has all been done in under a month, and I know of many others who have used the same strategy as effectively as me.

Keep in mind the guide is a work in progress and changes as the game changes, so please let me know if there's incorrect information on here. The most important aspect of the game is to generate chips. Also, I recommend playing this game on the Firefox browser. It just seems to give me the least amount of problems. After downloading the game, this web page through these steps first before you begin playing the game:.

Only the recent posts will be available, but it's enough to start. Please refrain top dollar slot winners adding too many people at can you win money playing myvegas slots, or you may be put in Facebook Jail. About to start should be okay as long as you only add people on the list.

Others will add you as well as long as you put your name down on the list. Install Game Feeds and if you already have some friends, you can start collecting free chips using the method stated above. I usually open a new tab for this and let it run in the background. Like the page, and you'll have access to over 50, more chips. If you did this properly, you should have at casino list few thousand chips, if not tens of thousands, to play with before your first spin.

Our goal here is to get the maximum amount of Loyalty Points with the smallest bet possible. We provide the optimal bets with the optimal games, so please try not to deviate can you win money playing myvegas slots the games or bets described.

What I mean by optimal bets is the least amount of chips utilized to gain Loyalty Points. For example, at level 5, if you bet 60 chips, it takes can you win money playing myvegas slots spins to gain 10 LP.

If you bet chips, it takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. Remember this game mimics a real casino game. In the long run, you're guaranteed to lose, so the more chips you run through, in the long term, the more chips you lose, so it's beneficial to run through less chips. From levels 1 to 57, as long as you follow the steps below, your daily overall chip stack should be positive. I built aboutchips before I hit level 58 this way.

The first game you'll play is Excalibur. Game is pretty simple, just read the tutorials as they come out and keep betting. The whole point of this is to maximize Loyalty Points.

What I like: It’s fun to play slots for free. It’s cool that you can earn freebies for playing. There’s an auto-spin button so you can set a certain bet and the.

Depending on how much you spend, you could be comped a free meal, a show ticket, or even your can you win money playing myvegas slots for the length of your stay. Even low rollers like me can score free drinks while playing the penny slots.

This is part of what makes gambling fun. Except this is just one of the many ways Vegas psychs people out. Here have to consider what your time is worth, too.

This is a free game, so it costs you no money in theorybut you can rack up points that can be exchanged for real-world can you win money playing myvegas slots in Vegas, like meals, shows, drinks and even rooms. Sounds like a screaming deal, right? I wrote down my initial thoughts during my first few rounds playing the game. I played the game for 15 minutes and I can easily see why people get hooked on this.

After years of diligently hiding every reference of every fricking Facebook game that my friends have ever played, now Facebook thinks I actually want to see that stuff again. By the time of my July trip to Vegas, I had enough points to redeem for something small.

I finally learned that they roll over the comps every day at 7am Vegas time, or 10am Eastern time my time. So I started checking at 10am. What kind of racket is this? I thought about disabling the app on Facebook at that time. So I kept playing. By September, I had earned enough points to redeem them for:. Shockingly, all were available at 7pm on a Can you win money playing myvegas slots night. The redemption process itself went smoothly. But everything worked out just fine.

I printed up my redemptions for the free drink and buffet. I brought them to the Mlife counter at the Luxor to get them loaded onto my players card. In both places, it worked without a hitch. That depends on how much free time you have and whether you enjoy spending it playing online games, and how diligent you are about finding ways to get around the rules to increase your freebies with less effort. I personally found it to be a huge waste of time. Of the 3 comps I received, only the Saturday night stay at the Luxor was of any value my fault for two can you win money playing myvegas slots choices, I guess.

Even then, I would have been better off just paying cash. Thanks for all that expensive research that just confirmed two things to me: Thanks for doing the research. I tried playing this game and lost interest real quick when I looked at the amount of points needed to get anything. I think the people who are making it work for them are people who are really into online games to begin with, Jeff.

Impressive work and thank you for it! Personally I like the can you win money playing myvegas slots. No big deal since it was free. Can you win money playing myvegas slots got caught up in my spam filter for some reason. Glad to hear from somebody who does think the game is worth it. Have you redeemed any comps yet? The rewards in the beginning were great! Better food options and two tickets to shows at lower redemption amounts.

I should see if Vegas Click at this page is updated! I, too, have noticed a decline in good comps, Nicole.

Good thing the dinner was terrific. I am not into online games by any means, I never bought any chips, I played in my spare time as did other members can you win money playing myvegas slots my group. We played for about 2 months and I had enough for two free buffets in Vegas.

The other people in my group had about the same. It was simple and we saved about 60 bucks. I enjoy playing on-line slot machines, so before I discovered this one I frittered on others that just accumulated points with no place to spend them.

But if you enjoy spending your time that way and would do it regardless, then you might as well get comped can you win money playing myvegas slots it! You covered everything I needed. The valuation of time is great because time really is money for me. Obviously, everyone will have a different opinion, depending on how much time vs.

I have been playing MyVegas from close to the beginning… last May, I was able to get a ticket to see Zarkana was on one of the couches, 3 rows from the stagethe buffet at Excalibur so not worth itand a free pastry at Jean-Philippe Patisserie excellent ….

I enjoy playing the games, something to do while watching TV…. This May, I will be spending 3 nights at The Aria, all comped by can you win money playing myvegas slots game, and only have to pay the resort fees…. Thanks for weighing in on myVegas,Tina. Sound like you have gotten some good comps—especially Aria! Hopefully I will find the self control not to redeem them all in one day…. One thing caught me out — visiting the the MLife desk in Aria to redeem my rewards, I was told to choose there and then which specific day each reward was to be used.

Panicking a bit I chose three consecutive days. I managed to redeem the buffet very goodFive50 pizza excellent but ended up missing out on the pastry as Http://softwaresavvysub.info/au-online-casinos.php was away from the hotel all day. Yikes, Andrew, that is a bummer. Amusingly, I started playing myvegas about a month ago, after Cracked linked to this post. Maybe a few hours can you win money playing myvegas slots decision-making, a couple hours spread out over many hours of occasionally clicking a button, and the majority of the time spent with my computer crunching numbers, while I was off doing other things.

I can you win money playing myvegas slots have about k coins. I do, however, intend to get my wife to play enough to pick up a couple of those cheap 2-for-1 show deals. I know a lot of people agree with you about time spent on myVegas. I have heard the comps are getting weaker than they used to be, though. Luxor is a pretty great deal, in my opinion. No, it just sits there until you come back to it, Sandy.

This can you win money playing myvegas slots a very broad statement and not true—especially when it comes to Vegas dining. It works out for them, http://softwaresavvysub.info/free-slots-zeus.php, but they would have plenty of business without doing it.

When you redeemed points for your free room were you asked to pay a resort fee? My co-worker got a free room with her MyVegas points for the Luxor They asked her to pay a resort fee. Starting online casino business is it a free room if you are asked to pay a resort fee?

Maybe someone who has redeemed more recently would know better? I redeemed some points for a couple of nights at the mirage a couple of weeks ago. Yes, when you redeem it, it shows on the please click for source print on the app and the email with the instructions that you have to pay the resort fee continue reading tax.

Not exactly free, but resort fees are added on your bill also when you book through the regular means also — so I may be used to it because of that. Still, money saved for other things. Космоплаватели quasar casino bonus Омэ, Can you win money playing myvegas slotsThis web page darn resort fees.

Even in Atlantic Cityyou pay the local NJ taxes and they have now asked that you pay a resort fee. I have been playing for over a year now and have accumulatedloyalty coind and plan on using them for the 2 free premium seats at KA and two tickets to Tourney of Kings at Excalibur for a trip I booked in July.

I found no issue just hitting auto spins on my phone and go here the game do its thing. Hopefully i get good seats for the KA show. Wow, you guys with your overrewards points make me a little envious. Still, free seats to Ka is a pretty good reward. Congrats to you, Bob. Hi Just chiming in here.

I have not spent a penny in actual money. With my Vegas trip not scheduled until May ofI should have enough for some great rewards. I think it is totally worth it and gave recommended it to friends. Also, they added the MyVegas app for Blackjack and both games total your rewards together…. We are big users of MyVegas Comps.

I agree with youthat 3 redemptions at a time suck but things have changed. You can now redeem but only from the Statoins Casinos unlimited breakfast or lunch comps. You must use them in a 24 hour rotation. Same applies to lunch. ExamplePalace Statuon and Sunset station. We basically click to see more the game for 3 years we are both retired lol and each earned overcoins, THENwe planned our trip.

Free money, free prizes, free comps, free swag with My Vegas Slots app

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